Repost is Shutting Down.

When we created Repost, we recognized that the existing syndication models were broken and served only a fraction of the web. We set out to change that, and we achieved a lot – 8500 sites, 8 million articles in our system, and we served content to over 100,000 domains in more than 100 countries.

Unfortunately, although the technology worked well, the business model didn’t. We’ve been unable to raise additional funding, and as a result we will be closing down the Repost service. We are looking at building an open source version of Repost as a WordPress plugin. If anybody would like to fund that development, please contact us.

What happens now?

Effective today we will disable new embeds and disable the ingestion of new content. We have also modifed our scripts to remove the repost button from sites in our network.

On July 31 2014 we will shutdown the Repost api servers and all embedded content will cease to be available. We plan to keep our link shorter active through the end of the year so links in the embed code will still reach the source article.

All other api calls will be directed to a service that returns an error (this so your site doesn’t hang trying to talk to a nonexistent server). This server will be live until 12/31/2014. Shortly before this server is finally remove it will start returning a script that shows an alert warning sites they have redundant code installed.

If you are interested in any of the assets of Repost, it’s intellectual property and patent application, domain makes etc please contact us.


John, Tim, Theresa, Flint, Danette, Cecily, George.