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Copy the embed code above to your clipboard.

Next: Go to your site, create a new post, and paste in the embed code, publish, and you're done.

Hint: remember to paste in "HTML" or "Text" mode.

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Reposting an article works just like embedding a video.

1Choose your publishing system (if you don't see your system, use "Your Site").

2The embed code will be copied to your clipboard automatically. Copy the embed code from the box below the buttons to your clipboard.

3 Create a new post in your publishing system.

4 Make sure that your editor is in HTML/Text mode (this is important) and then paste the embed code.

5 Save and publish the new post, and we'll take care of the rest.

When the post you created loads, we'll automatically tailor the article to match your site, add attribution to the original publisher, and update the article for you whenever the original changes.

What if it doesn't work?

If you don't see the full article on your site, the most likely cause is that the embed code didn't run properly (if this happens, you'll see only a snippit of the article).

The first thing to check is that you pasted while in HTML mode. The embed code will not work in visual mode.

If switching to HTML mode, re-pasting the embed code, and re-saving the post doesn't fix the problem, please contact Repost.Us support and we'll help you get it working.