Why Is It So Hard to Share Content?

Yes, there are lots of sharing services. But here’s the thing, they don’t actually share the content. They share links to content. VERY different.

If you want to take an article from one site and publish it on another, you have to find a person, get permission, and then manually copy it. Assuming you don’t break all the formatting in the process, you’re still not in good shape because you still have to worry about search engines seeing it as duplicate content.

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Repost handles images, video and other rich content seamlessly.

This is where Repost comes in. We wanted to make republishing an article as easy as embedding a video. We took the embed paradigm that everybody understands and extended it to full, rich articles.

Repost automatically finds all the elements of the article, including images and videos, and magically turns them into a self-reformatting embed that matches the look and feel of the site it’s on and works on any platform that can support JavaScript.

If you have an audience and need content, Repost has 3.5 million articles from 4000 publishers that you can republish, and we’re adding over twenty thousand articles a day. The original publisher’s ads travel with the reposted article, which means that Repost is free to use. The days of paying thousands a month for wire service articles are over.

Repost even delivers analytics to the source publisher, guarantees attribution, and automatically adds the correct “canonical” header to keep the search engines happy.

Repost, because the best ad for your content is your content.

You can even repost this article by clicking the button below – try it!

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